I wanted to post some reading notes on blogger, but can’t make the connection, so am on here instead! It’s not really the purpose of a blog just to pass the time, but it does give me time to pause and think about things.

I’ve been reading BOY for some time now, although I still don’t have much of a routine. I’m still puzzled by some of the OT readings, and need some real discipline to concentrate on the familiar NT ones. But I’m not sure it’s feeding into my prayer life as such … and it should.

I read DH’s blog and am simultaneously amused, intrigued and humbled (Covenant Renewal). It’s very philosophical/intellectual and I have neither the desire nor the skills to emulate it but I should like to be able to focus as he does on bringing all things together under Christ … even a blog!

Then there’s Duncan’s blog, and oh bother, now I can’t insert a link either … http://duncansblog.typepad.com/ … that will have to do, which is a similar mixture but in a rather different vein.

I’m going to give up … I want to watch TV later in any case, a real dilemma between Sport Relief in India and The Monastery Revisited … both on at the girls’ bedtime! Is it any wonder my blog is so lightheaded at times?!