As often happens at this time of year, our organic veg box often duplicates what we grow ourselves. We’re happy to pass round the bounty, but I can’t quite bring myself to pass on veg that I can freeze for another time. However, I have had another good year with the runner beans, and sure enough we had more in the box yesterday …

One thing I don’t grow, although I’ve tried in the past, is sweetcorn. In season, it is so inexpensive to buy and the cobs are much bigger than any I’ve ever grown. Everyone likes them, so when we found some in the box yesterday, I faced a moral dilemma – there just weren’t enough to go round. Finally, I gave into temptation and cooked and ate them all by myself for lunch!

As last time, a substitution turned up trumps. The box was supposed to contain chard … and I have plenty already … but instead I had a bag of spinach. For some reason, I have never grown it successfully, and when I do have a plant or two I tend to pick the leaves young and use them in salads, so to have a bagful was a wonderful bounty.