Early February, and it’s warm enough and dry enough to start digging the veg patches … I’ve put out the two new raised beds- we’ll slowly fill them with old compost from pots used last year mixed in with worm compost, manure and any of our own compost pile that’s ready. We’ll not need to plant them for a month or two, they’re for root veg (carrots and beetroot) and salads. In the raised bed where I grew carrots and beetroot last year, I’ll try some celeriac. The first year we moved here I had a great crop, but it’s been disappointing since then. The other raised bed is set aside for herbs, although there’s a bit of room for salad crops, too.

Once the raised beds were in place, I was able to dig over the bit of ground nearby, and I’ve just planted out some old broad bean seed … some of them will sprout, depending on how many I’ll then know if it was worth it, or whether to start again with some new seed. There’s plenty of time.

While I was busy, I heard a cockerel crowing … in the back lane! It hopped up onto our back wall, but opted not to come on in … the cat was rather perplexed but obviously discretion overcame impulse and he made no move to investigate Posted by Picasa