The church of which I’m part was partly destroyed by incendiaries in 1941 … it was rebuilt after the war, but in haste, and we have struggled to maintain the building ever since, because of the damp that now infests the walls. Long before I came to worship here, the church have been working towards redeveloping the site … and this week, the project began:

We’d been to a meeting on the site for the developer to take some publicity pictures before the demolition started … not so good in the pouring rain, but the photographer coped marvellously! Then on to somewhere else for refreshments and a radio interview. It was on the way home that we saw the first piece being taken out of the side of the church … so I stopped to get some pictures. I could have watched for hours, it was fascinating ohmy.gif A small crowd soon gathered, and DH spent a while talking to folk explaining what’s happening, while I snapped away with the camera:

You could hear maisonery falling inside the church with a tremendous noise … all very dramatic. I expect it will come down quite quickly now 239.gif Lots of memories for different folk, but a millstone round the neck of the church for many years now. It will be some time before we can meet on site again, in a new church surrounded by flats, but the church continues as we meet each week in a local school. We’re not simply biding our time, waiting for a cosy, warm and dry building in which to meet – while we’re in the school we have contact with an area we don’t usually visit … how to make the best of it, that’s the question!