It’s strange, but the online community on which I spend most of my time is currently unavailable for technical reasons … it didn’t take me by surprise, because we’ve been expecting it for a day or two following some server problems, but it feels so strange without it! So I shall simply have to post here … not that I have anything profound or even useful to say just now.

I’ve been working on a church website since last month … also on WordPress … and just recently have been updating a website I first built on Weebly back in the summer of 2008. They emailed me earlier today to introduce some new features, so I resurrected my long abandoned site and had a play with some of them. The site is advertising a family holiday property we look after, so I’ve included a blog page and some more photos, and really should get it out there a bit more.

I’m ‘middle aged’ so didn’t grow up with such technology (my first computer was an Amstrad word processor) but I love the internet! My daughters won’t remember life without laptops and chat rooms … but I can and rejoice at the possibilities we now have!