Each year I start a garden diary, to keep track of what I plant where and what success we have … I have a lovely wire bound notebook my VBF gave me years ago, 2004 I think … I took 10 pages the first year to keep pretty full records … I wrote less and less each year until last year I managed two pages and didn’t write any more after June.

So I tried keep a garden blog with pictures … but it took too much time, and seemed to be a distraction.

When we first moved here, I spent hours that first winter out in the garden digging the veg patches, planning and planting the garden … last year I didn’t get going until nearly May – our least productive year yet … obviously. It’s not that I don’t like the garden, or gardening, and the exercise is good for me of course … but I have a lazy streak. DH has kept things ticking over, taking time out most days in the summer to do a little weeding (he needs an excuse to go outdoors, I can simply sit out there with a book and be content!) I tell him what needs doing, and he gets round to it sooner or later,

By Shrove Tuesday, I still hadn’t decided what to ‘do’ for Lent … I had a book of daily devotionals to read (it’s really good, too … I look forward to reading it each evening) … when the idea popped into my head that I should do a little out in the garden each day. So on Ash Wednesday, I dug over one of the beds and planted a row of broad beans – I only had some old seed and I don’t know if they will germinate, but I left space for another row once I’d bought some new seed so that if they don’t, we still have some and room to plant more. I didn’t get out there yesterday, Thursday (but I did walk into the ‘village’ so had some exercise in any case) but today is DH’s day off, and he’s been waiting to get out and get on in the garden for a while now. We needed some supplies, so this morning we went off and bought compost and seeds etc … had a quick Wetherspoons pub lunch … and then out we went!

The kittens aren’t used to us being outdoors … they’ve been such a nuisance! Getting in the way, playing with the netting (that we’re having to cover newly dug beds with to stop them digging), but they’ve been great fun. And despite the kittens, we’ve been accompanied most of the afternoon by the birds, too … the robin, a blackbird, a blue tit, chaffinches, gold and green finches … we even saw the female blackcap (although we’ve still not seen a male here) and I saw a long-tailed tit, just the one. The robin’s song is so loud, and the twittering of the goldfinches is never ending … we often hear the blackbird scolding the cats, but he didn’t seem to mind the kittens.

We managed to dig and plant about a quarter of our bed space … another row of broad beans (new seed), a clump of peas, two tubs of first early potatoes and a few in the ground, shallots and onions. I’ve a couple of square metres of space left in that section of the garden, so will plant some more peas in a few weeks, and maybe some early lettuce, if I get organised and plant some up in the greenhouse. DH spent the time working his way through our three compost bins and the wormery, to give the soil some goodness to be going on with, and then he helped me net the beds … but I suppose the kittens will still find ways of causing havoc.

Our garden’s not so big that I’ll have that much to do each day, but I tend to let jobs build up, such as washing out used pots, so if I do a few each day it will be much less onerous a task … and maybe I’ll have to do some weeding too, to fill the time? That’s usually DH’s job!!