My Lenten resolution to spend some time in the garden each day hasn’t really happened, but I’ve still been out there more than most years, and I do think about it everyday, planning what needs doing, rather than putting it to the back of my mind! So perhaps 3 days out of 7 … which is better than none!

The weather has helped this year – it’s been beautiful, warm and sunny. Yesterday I finished washing down the inside of the greenhouse. DH pulled out the one remaining growbag, and I rearranged shelving so as to be able to start putting seed trays in there. We simply don’t have a suitable window sill in this house on which to start seedlings, and in any case, the garden is north facing, so there isn’t enough light to extend the season by much (eg with cloches) … but I shall start some salad leaves in a trough in the greenhouse sometime this week, and we’ll be eating them soon after Easter.

So yesterday I sowed lettuce (Webbs), cucumber (Burpless), tomato (Harbinger), parley (Moss Curled) and cabbage (Hispi) – the tomato is a new variety, but the others are favourites that I grow every year. I put a row of Pak Choi in one of the raised beds, too – I’ll use it for chamomile later in the year (we’re going to try and grow our own tea!), but Pak Choi are really quick growing, and will be out before I need to plant the chamomile. I can’t decide where to plant the carrots … in our garden they need a raised bed, but I only have four, and one of them has herbs in it, while I have onions and shallots in two others. I shall grow parsnips in two bottomless dustbins, once we’ve managed to fill them with compost. The only root veg I grow with any success in the ground are potatoes.

There’s compost ready in the wormery … but there are literally thousands of baby worms that I can’t get out of it (if you take the cover off, the adults burrow down to get away from the light, but the babies don’t have to go very far so still stay in the top layer), and I don’t want to waste them! It’s also rather moist, but will do to add to other compost for the dustbins/parsnips. The best bit of the wormery is the liquid fertiliser that drains from the bottom … our soil is sandy and poor, and I can use as much manure (liquid or otherwise) as I can get!

I had garden vouchers for my birthday, but as I’ve already bought my seeds for this year, I shall happily go and buy a pile of growbags … some to use in the greenhouse, and others to split and use in the troughs for salad leaves and perhaps some in the dustbins (but they don’t have too many nutrients in them, so that will need supplementing … I have buckets of liquid manure ready … )

And I have an indoor job that I’ll count as a garden contribution one day … seeds packets from years gone by that need sorting … some to throw, others to keep … far more than I shall ever use so I need to be ruthless – I shall enjoy that!!