I’ve just been through all the posts on this blog – which were originally two blogs on Blogger – and had a general tidy up of categories and imported smilies. I have several WordPress blogs on the go … a couple as a website for our churches, a photoblog and a blog with the story of our adventure into hen keeping, as well as a blog elsewhere, where I am part of an online community and where I spend most of my time online.

So I am not entirely sure that this blog has a purpose any longer … I’m also not sure it ever fulfilled my intentions for it in the first place, ‘Somewhere I’m anonymous and can just yell!’ … I find it’s best to keep my rants to myself these days – a symptom of middle age perhaps?

But here it is, simply drifting in the ether. And I can leave it that way, or come back to it as the fancy takes me … we’ll see.