One of the complications of having the funeral service in one place and a burial in another on the following day is who plans to be where when and who needs transport. Since we can’t even pin BIL down to such details yet, there’s a lot still to be finalised. We have sent cards to everyone in MIL’s address book with the details of both services, hopefully some of them will let us know they are coming as we’ve had to guesstimate numbers for both days as we’re having refreshments at both events.

But we do now have a death certificate – it was all rather complicated yesterday in that the nursing home released the body to the undertaker without one – so we can now register the death and begin to deal with the finances of the situation. DH and BIL are both executors and trustees (two of the legatees don’t inherit until aged 21, some five years from now) so will need to spend some time together at the flat going through papers and valuables. Therefore we’ve decided not to go away for half term, as BIL is on holiday in the area and can spend some time with DH then.

I have cleared the fridge and freezer, and begun to clear clothes …

I’m hoping Mum will come to the funeral, even though that means going to collect her. I could do with the support on Thursday, and someone around on Friday so that I can go to the burial without worrying about the girls. She doesn’t want to be away from home for long, and doesn’t like the idea of being on her own for some hours on Friday, so I’m not sure what she’ll decide.

In between times, I’ve cooked my way through the contents of MIL’s freezer (anything that was sufficient for a meal anyway), planted out 50+ plants in our garden, cleared MIL’s planters and pots of dead plants (the 50+ plants were mostly to replant her planters with), done several loads of washing (ours and MILs) and a little of the ironing … I feel drained tonight. I think I shall clear the meal table and then stop.

Tomorrow is another (long) day …