Yesterday morning seems such a long time ago …

We had a phone call with the news at 7am, although they had tried to ring us earlier but we didn’t hear it. DH was all for rushing out the door there and then and was quite frustrated by having to wait until we’d told and then settled the girls. DD2 was quite controlled, just sad, and DD1 agreed to stay home with her until we had been to the nursing home.

We were back by 8.30am. I didn’t want to see MIL, so DH went to pray with her and we decided I would come back later to clear her room. Then there was a flurry of phone calls, both to family and friends and concerning the funeral arrangements (we had a problem obtaining a death certificate, but it’s all coming together now!) as well as a few practical necessities both at home and at MIL’s flat. By evening, the morning seemed a long, long time ago.