DH carried on with the Baptism prep session this morning as planned … but I think by the end of the morning he wanted to crawl back into his corner and hide. A couple of church members came by as they knew he’d be there – I don’t think he was quite ready to talk about it all just yet. Nice of them to make the effort though.

I went to the flat. BIL doesn’t want me to clear the wardrobes until after the funeral. I understand why, but it’s hanging over me as a job I could be getting on with, and I don’t want to do it the week after the funeral as it’s half term and I want to spend some family time with the girls, so it’s just sitting there on the horizon, blocking the view. However, he said nowt about the kitchen, so today I stripped out the food cupboards. For various reasons I threw a deal of stuff – open packets, unidentified origin (home made jams etc) and out of date (I know we all have out of date stuff in our larders, but it does mean it can’t be passed on). Some stuff I put to one side for the local homeless shelter, and the rest I brought home. Apart from the canned stuff which I’ve left until another day as I ran out of bags to bring them home in.

I’ve recently had some shelves put in the kitchen and have moved stuff around to make space in cupboards … all I can say is they’re stuffed again, now!

Home to cook lunch and do some gardening … it’s been a lovely hot day. Too hot for me, really, so late afternoon I sat in the shade with a cup of tea and just stopped for a while.

I’ve been looking round for some new hens – young, ready to lay birds. I had a clear idea of the breeds I’d like, but it’s proved impossible to find anyone with any available. Tonight I found (on the internet) another breeder I’d not come across before … the website was impressive and they have a conservation certificate, so should be reliable. I rang to enquire about available birds, but they too only had young ones available. She was so helpful on the phone, however, that we decided to go along and take a look this evening … and as a result, we now have three nine week old Welsummer chicks – far younger than I had considered buying. So when we arrived home we had to do some quick thinking as to how to make our set up suitable for them … we didn’t finish until after nine, so it’s really time I stopped now. I’ll write more about the hens on http://henkeeper.wordpress.com/ tomorrow!

Another long day … I’m looking forward to a day off tomorrow, I think we’ll pack a picnic and just go – anywhere, I don’t mind. The weather is ideal, so refreshing to see the sun.