The funeral is over, the burial complete … my primary memory of the two days will be the people. So many friends came to be with us, Rosemary’s and our own, and we were delighted to see them. Most we had met before in one context or another, others were simply names in Mum’s address book or someone she talked about from time to time. It was lovely to have time to talk to them all (although I’m sure I missed a few along the way – my apologies if so, I had hoped to speak to everyone, if only just a word of thanks for being there). We gathered at the back of church following the service on Thursday and no-one rushed away, everyone wanted to share a memory. On Friday, also … we gathered after the committal at the pub nearby, family and friends for whom Plymouth was simply too far (which we well understand, it does feel a long way from anywhere, sometimes). And all ages were there … that was something DH noticed, that Rosemary had friends from every stage of her life, and most of the generations, too.

It feels like the end of an era – but of course the end of one is only the beginning of another. It will take time to adjust, not least for the children. We’ll be distracted for a while of course, so much to do, still so many arrangements to make. It’s been an intense few weeks, it will feel strange to ‘get back to normal’ (whatever normal is in a clergy household).