Really, since regaining access to my CM blog, I’ve been too tired to write anything coherent …

After the services were over, and everyone home again, a lethargy seemed to descend on us. So although it was a holiday week, we haven’t really ventured far. We did meet up with friends near the canal at Tiverton, to walk and picnic and talk – it was a lovely, sunny day. We see friends more than we see friends’ children, so it was a bit of a shock to see the children again after nearly two years!

Thursday BIL and family were here, but DD1 had a sleepover on Tuesday and hadn’t had any sleep at all – she slept from 5pm Wednesday ’til 11am Thursday, so we let SIL take DD2 and her two boys to the Aquarium while DH and BIL worked at MIL’s and DD1 and I kept out of the way.

But Friday, DH had to do some work … not only to write the sermon he’d not written the week before, but also service preparation for this coming Sunday (tomorrow!) … whenever we go away he doesn’t get away with not doing stuff, he just doubles up the week before we go.  (As far as I’m concerned, holidays are a lot of work all round.)

To give him the space, I took the girls on a long overdue return visit to the Eden Project – we visit two or three times a year, but I don’t think we’ve been for over a year, and possibly never in June … it was beautiful.

Photo Album Eden

The newer gardens (near the biomes) have matured now, and are a delight to wander through. I didn’t myself visit both biomes this time, but spent most of my time outdoors, particularly at the allotment, which I love.

However, things didn’t quite go to plan for DH – he had a GP appointment mid-morning as his asthma has been bad this week, probably overlaid with hayfever, although the GP didn’t give him a script for antihistamines?  He also had a dental appointment mid-afternoon, for a toothache in a previously filled back tooth, which the dentist relined (at no charge, so I take it he didn’t think the previous job was up to much?). Unfortunately, when he left the house to go to the dentist, he left his keys on his desk :doh: He spent the hour he had to wait for us weeding the front garden, until a neighbour came home and let him hop over their back garden wall so he could weed the back garden too!

We are still tired, and a new term starts tomorrow, so we’ll have to be careful to build in some ‘down time’ (I wish I could think of a better phrase) in the midst of the chaos that is vicarage life – at least in this vicarage!!