I did promise DH I wouldn’t let the hens take over my CM blog … but I’d still like to introduce you to our latest arrivals … meet Honey Chooklet, who with her sisters, Treacle and Sugar, are currently living in the ark.

Honey Chooklet

For now, the Chooklets – 11 week old Welsummer chicks – are being kept apart from the laying hens until they are much older and big enough to defend themselves. Today was their first time out in the open … I let the hens out into the garden so the Chooklets could have the Hen Garden to themselves. The hens appeared to be playing hide-and-seek and paid very little attention to the chicks …

No hen will see me here ...

We’ll introduce the Chooklets to the main brood after our summer holiday, when we’ll be around to keep an eye on them all. They’ll be about 20 weeks by then, and well able to look after themselves as a threesome. They might even be starting to lay.

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