I love this time of year … the light evenings, the warm days without being too hot, fresh growth not yet overgrown and untidy.

If it grows at all, that is. I have a whole bed that refuses to germinate a seed. I planted it twice with peas and I have one, just one plant :533: I do have some carrots and beetroot in there, and rocket germinated on second planting, but everything else failed. So frustrating when I’m so pushed for space everywhere else in the garden. I may just give up and start planting out lettuce seedlings in there.

I’m digging potatoes now … the first two plants were disappointing, the second two about the same, but today I dug two plants and had two or three times as many potatoes. I wish I understood why.

I think I will simply not plant potatoes or onions next year – they take up so much space for little return, it’s not as if they are expensive to buy. I’m digging potatoes simply to make room for courgettes and squash, which are bursting out of their pots. I haven’t allowed enough time between crops …

I’m waiting to eat and clear broad beans too … some of the squash can go in there under the sunflowers – assuming they germinate in sufficient numbers, seems unlikely just now.

Lettuce – I always sow too many, half for us and half for the slugs :rolleyes: I appear to have a choice of leaving them in the greenhouse and them damping off, or taking them outdoors to harden off before planting out and losing them to the gastropods. I do use (organic) slug pellets – but they don’t seem to last as long as the other kind.I planted too many tomatoes as ever, and they all germinated :doh: I gave a couple away, planted up my growbags and pots for outdoors, and they are all growing on well. The others languished in pots getting poorer and poorer until I felt sorry for them and planted them out too – not sure if they’ll ever catch up, but if they do we’ll have a real glut :D Cucumbers are just getting going in the greenhouse too.

I have some chard starting – hopefully to follow on from some of the cabbages, which are doing well and I could cut as needed now. I’m picking red kale too, and that should go on through the winter. The black kale got stranded in pots in the greenhouse, planted out now they seem to be regaining their strength. I have loads of brassicas in pots that are too small now, but I just don’t have the space to plant them out. I need to rethink my planting plan for next year … I tried to grow follow-on crops this year to make the best use of space but I didn’t get the timing quite right. Perhaps I’ll just aim for one crop per bed another year, to be sure of having the space.