We always forget something of course … this time it was the laptop. We left it behind deliberately last time, but decided we want to continue taking it with us – we don’t have internet access on holiday, but it’s good to be able to download and edit photos and write up blog entries and sermons (!) while we have the time.

So, as last time … I’m writing this series of holiday blogs in hindsight :doh:

DD1 was already away on camp (CPAS Venture) while DD2 needed delivering to hers on the day our holiday started, so rather than rushing to get away, we had time to pack and eat (eventually ending up at Morrisons 5 mins away from home at lunch time!) before dropping her off in the late afternoon. Then we were on our own … however, getting to Seaton and setting up the house for our holiday wasn’t totally straightforward, as coming back through Dorchester we discovered a road closure and diversion on the main road. Only, once we’d turned off the road there were no more diversion signs :533: Having decided not to rejoin the main road, we ended up traversing Dorset on back roads through the most amazing scenery – it is a truly beautiful county.

On arrival, we discovered what else we’d forgotten (some tablets and some bedding) but nothing we couldn’t manage or obtain somehow.

On Sunday we went to church – meeting in a classroom while the school hall roof was being repaired – very close fellowship! And as ever, total chaos. But we were welcomed as friends, and were able to relax and enjoy whatever we were offered in worship. I can’t now think what we did in the afternoon … but I do know that later in the afternoon we decided to walk to the local nature reserve, something we’d never done before in 15 years of coming here! I didn’t take my camera with me … but it wouldn’t have helped capture the most notable feature of the reserve: the noise of thousands of crickets and grasshoppers on the grasslands just before you enter the woods! It was already fairly late, so we didn’t stay long and took the shorter path through the woods, before walking back up the hill. Definitely a place to visit again.

I love sleeping here – for one thing, it’s dark! There is a bright street light at the front of the house, but in the back rooms you’re not aware of it. And I love to hear the birdsong in the mornings (and the occasional owl during the night) … only the field next to our house is a favourite spot with the local dog walkers. Walking the dog is quite a sociable thing to do, but do they have to chat or call their animals just outside our window at 6am :angry: ?