Tuesday was the end of DD1’s camp … we decided to cut cross country, since having looked at the map it was much closer than we had thought. But of course, being cross country rather than main roads, it took just as long and we arrived on the dot of 11.30am (probably in answer to her prayers, since I’m always early everywhere and she hates it! :icon_mrgreen: ) She was as communicative as ever (not) but was really looking forward to seeing Granny H (my Mum) on the way home. We didn’t stay long however, since Mum isn’t a happy bunny just now, awaiting her second cataract operation and frustrated in the meanwhile, since she can’t read or sew or do any of the things which usually occupy her.

DD1 was, as expected, shattered – but we wanted to make the most of our time together before DD2 joined us, so instead of getting the early night she needed, we watched Star Trek together – DD1 and I having seen it before, but knowing that DH would enjoy it too – he did! :D

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We all had a lazy morning next day, Wednesday, before going into Exeter to do some (school) shoe shopping. We’d thought about seeing another film, but DD1 realised she was really too tired, so instead we took ourselves out for an evening meal at the local Chinese … excellent food, but far more expensive than a take away! We’d agreed before the holiday that we had sufficient funds for the occasional treat … but DH still battled to relax and enjoy it :doh: