Thursday was our annual pilgrimage to the Honiton Show. A few years ago it was so hot that we felt it was a struggle to get round without endangering our (my :rolleyes: ) health. While in recent years it’s either been wet before hand so we’ve had to wade through mud, or it’s rained unceasingly on the day. This year was perfect … dry and cloudy :lol: No fear this year of getting stuck in the mud in the car park *phew*

We started with the poultry … it was a struggle to walk out again without having purchased some of the POL birds for sale! There were several blue Maran available – I searched for some without success earlier this year when we eventually ended up with the Welsummer chicks (only just now POL, so where were the blue Maran chicks at that time :533: ). Perhaps next year? I have the breeders details now, in any case! Buff Sussex, too … same story!

After that, we explored the food tent and decided on our lunch purchases, then up to the livestock pens and the show ground. And finally round the trade stands … we were looking for something in particular so had a focus, but I love seeing all that’s on offer and picking up all the freebies :lol:

So this year’s show was judged a success … whether or not we go each year depends not on the weather but on the dates of the girls’ camps. There are other agricultural shows to explore, but Honiton has always been our favourite.