On Friday the three of us had a quiet morning, then we went into Exeter to see The A Team … great stuff! Neither of the other two know the original, but it didn’t matter and I loved the contrasts :D

Holiday Saturdays are never good times to be out and about, but it was pick up day for DD2 :rolleyes: And her pick up was early – 10am! So I left just after 8am, expecting the others to be up soon to go for a walk together. They had planned to walk the cliff path, but DH was worried that his chest was still bothering him, so they opted to try a walk nearer civilisation and a mobile phone signal – just to be safe! But by the time I’d collected DD2 and called in on Mum (again) DD1 still hadn’t surfaced. So I thought I might try and get home for lunch … but then we met the traffic. We didn’t have the detour of the previous Tuesday to contend with, but it still took us nearly 3 hours, not counting a lunch stop. Once I realised how bad it would be, I texted DH to carry on without us, which also meant I had time to settle DD2 in before they arrived home (by bus – another advantage of walking in less remote areas!) DD2 slept a good chunk of the way home … it was lovely to see her, but having her here does change the whole dynamic …

Sunday we left DD2 in bed, and went to church in the school. I really enjoyed the music this week, and an interview with a girl who’d been out with SAMS to Guatamala for short term service. The talk was good, as ever … so it was a good morning overall: I really felt like I’d ‘done church’ – not that how I feel about it is of any importance but it helps :blush: :lol:

The same church were doing Messy Church in the park near the beach in the afternoon, so this time we left DD1 at home and took DD2. They had some brilliant ideas, and we were able to chat to a couple of interesting people. But DD2 eventually lost interest, so she wandered home and DH and I walked along the front to the harbour, down to the beach on the other side of the river. It was high tide, and seemed to us to be a very high tide (although we’ve misplaced the tide tables at the bungalow so couldn’t check). So we stood on the side and watched the water eddy into the channel, watching how it changed as the water rose and then began to fall (we think! It’s hard to be sure when the tide turns).

On our way back we noticed a buzzard flying along the cliff … and then another. We stood for a while just watching as they rode the thermals just above our heads.