One of the practicalities of caring for a holiday property is having to think about maintenance when on holiday. We had two workmen booked in for Tuesday, but to cut a long story short, one didn’t come and the other was late :angry: I get so frustrated having to waste a day … either that or go out without DH. On this occasion however, we left the one who did arrive to his own devices with a spare key and went out anyway. We were in time for lunch in Honiton, at the Boston Tea Party which is a favourite haunt of ours. To lounge on a sofa reading a magazine while waiting for your order is a lovely way to spend some holiday time … even the girls seem to cope. Then we walked up one side and down through the other of the long street that is Honiton town centre. The girls went off on their own at one point, and we had a lazy afternoon window shopping. Perfect :)

Having seen Mum briefly twice already, on Wednesday we spent the day with her … taking her out to lunch in Poole in order for her to be able to do some shopping. She couldn’t walk far – I love Poole High Street, but rarely get beyond the shopping centre when we’re with Mum – so we were soon home, and didn’t stay late. She was a bit happier today, but I’m concerned and praying that her next cataract op will happen earlier than we’ve been told to expect. It’s not what you know …