There are always good days and bad days on holiday. Good days are when the weather works for whatever you have planned, you get out of the house on time, and everyone looks forward to and enjoys what you have planned. Good days are even better if they don’t cost any money, you discover something new that pleases everyone or rediscover somewhere you’ve been before that is much better than you remember.

Thursday was none of those things! We went into Exmouth, but couldn’t agree on where to park, where to walk, where to eat, what to do after lunch :doh: We wasted a fair bit of time waiting around for each other while individuals went into a shop or to the toilet. I bought some china from a charity shop and DH took it back to the car for me while we waited around – only he got distracted and when he eventually returned wondered why we’d waited for him :533: Goodness knows how he expected to find us again or what he thought we’d be doing without him?!

Eventually we settled on the beach – something we didn’t manage at all last summer. But it was chill and breezy, so we didn’t stay long after DH and DD2 finished their round of crazy golf (on the pitch DH used to play as a child – so he was on a trip down memory lane while DD1 and I shivered on the beach!)

The day was redeemed however by the Perseids … a meteor shower that takes place in August each year :) DH & I went out to the garden just after dark, intending to watch shooting starts for a while, but we noticed DD1 was still awake, so we invited her to join us. She brought a duvet and I had a cushion, so we lay on the grass tucked up together all three of us – it was really quite cosy :D We only saw one coloured trail, but there were loads of shooting stars, and the longer we were out there, the more stars we saw as our eyes adjusted to the dark. It was a very special moment and I hope DD1 holds the memory of it for a long time to come.