Our girls simply stayed in bed on our last morning :doh: so DH and I walked across to the bird hide … when we arrived, there were two children there, with their grandmother. The younger child had a colouring book, but the elder of the two watched and looked and saw lots of birds. She was more enthusiastic about the rats, however, that feed under the bird feeders just alongside the hide! It didn’t matter – she was interested in all the wildlife she could see. It was good to have them there and we were able to answer one or two questions for them (as if we know anything about bird-watching!) :D

After a while they left, but they’d not long gone when another group arrived, four or five children (I couldn’t keep track of them all to be sure) and two younger mothers. I suppose it was something to do on a non-beach day. But it was soon clear that the children weren’t interested – the mothers weren’t enthusiasts either. They talked (the mothers), they argued (the children and the mothers) and they sang (the children). It was hopeless. So we left.

The only real sighting we had all morning was what we think was a whimbrel rather than a curlew … we could hear the curlew calling, and I eventually located it on an island (it was high tide, so apart from the gulls most of our sightings were on the islands), but this bird was further upstream and a slightly different shape :533: We are rarely at the hide at high tide … the kingfisher branch was almost totally submerged … so it was a most unfamiliar landscape today :)

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After waking the girls and having lunch, we drove out to Cadhay. Cadhay is a private house, open to viewings only on certain days. We’ve been trying to visit it for several years, but each time we’ve tried it’s been closed – even when we’ve checked on their own up-to-date publicity! :lol: Today we were sure it was open … and it was! You can only view the house by guided tour, so we opted simply to explore the gardens and have tea. The old walled garden is now divided into private allotments … we were impressed it was all so tidy! The coach house that adjoins the walled garden has been converted into 2 units of up-market self-catering holiday accommodation with a patio in the walled garden – very nice! There are extensive ponds and lush planting in the gardens around the house … a lovely place to wander and explore. The house itself is let for wedding parties etc – check out the Cadhay link for prices :icon_eek: :lol:

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We finished our day with a family game of Monopoly – well, I refuse to play it with DH so I kept them company while working on some patchwork! We’ve also started watching Dad’s Army with the girls (DD1 loves it while DD2 isn’t sure she understands it!) … courtesy of a complete set of DVD’s from MIL … we’re still in the black and white era, when many of the programmes simply weren’t kept, but it’s just as much fun as it ever was!

Home tomorrow …