… so we’re home. It’s usually when packing to go away that we forget things … not this time! DH assumed I’d packed the drawers in the bedroom. Don’t know why because we agreed he was packing while I cleaned :doh: So I’m short some underwear, a belt and more importantly some tablets (prescription only) :angry:

For a while I thought he’d left my manicure set behind too – I have one in a small toilet bag I keep hidden away from the girls, else it gets dispersed around the house when I’m not looking! But no, he’d just left that in the bottom of a bag when unpacking at home while I started the washing!

And I thought our arrangements worked so well :lol:

Loads of runner beans in the fridge … hardly any eggs in the kitchen! My house-sitters had sold nearly all of them, including the thin shelled eggs which I usually hold back :blush: I hope they’re OK for folk to use. The grass is long, the hens frustrated, the cats delirious with hope of food!

I’m nearly always ready to come home at the end of a holiday, but tbh this time I was desperate. I suppose we were so tired when we went that we couldn’t make the best use of our time away and I feel drained. Still, three more weeks of the summer hols to fill – it’s good not to have to get up in the mornings, but I feel the lack of space and solitude, too. We so need a sunny summer, even just a day … I need to sit on a beach (in some shade) somewhere while the girls go off and play (how many more years will they do that?) so I can simply sit and read and listen to the radio and just ‘be’ for a few hours, away from the housework and the computer and the garden and the phone and the … Can’t remember when I last did that.