We’ve been home over two weeks and there’s not much to report in that time … we saw Toy Story 3 in 3D which was great, but other than that we’ve done very little.

The main feature of our holiday this year has been computer troubles :doh: DD2’s laptop has run slowly for ever … so after trying everything we knew how to speed it up, we took it into the Tech Guys at PC World for them to run some diagnostics … to cut a long story short, they installed a new hard drive, and once DH had reloaded various programmes (she lost everything of course) it’s like using a new computer.

Fortunately, since a day or two later my desktop broke … it failed to shut down one evening (a rare but not unknown occurrence) so I used the power button and then it wouldn’t start again. The bleep code suggests ‘a fatal failure’ :action-smiley-021: We talked to the Dell helpdesk, and although it’s out of it’s warranty period (it’s 18 months old) they were very helpful. I prayed specifically that it would restart and run long enough for me to download some back-ups – I back-up regularly but didn’t have copies of some of my photos or recent documents, esp church publicity stuff – and next day it started first time. So I was able to copy all my pictures, music and documents, not forgetting my email address book, to the external hard-drive. The one thing I shall be sad to lose is the bookmarks on Firefox, but it can’t be helped. I left the computer, for some unknown reason known as Granny Smith :533: , running all day and it worked fine, so I’m fairly confident the hard-drive is OK. But having shut down that night, it hasn’t started again since.

So I’m on borrowed time on DD2’s laptop. I’ve set up a new user account, so I can personalise the programmes etc I use (never seen the need for them before!), but I only use it when she’s not around (ie asleep in the mornings or evening :lol: ) so haven’t done much to blogs, church website etc. However, I must do notice sheets and posters for church this week, so yesterday I spent all my time on here loading my DTP programme etc and tomorrow I need a morning to get everything done.

We are fortunate to have so many computers around the house, but it’s weird not working at my desk … and needing to wear my reading glasses to read the screen! :lol: