After two visits from the engineer, my computer has to go away to be repaired … minus it’s hard-drive which is sitting on my desk. I do hope I can get it back in place when I get the stack back! Once I knew I would be without my own computer for some days, I set up my old laptop on my desk … I remember now why I was so anxious to replace it! It will only do one thing at a time, for example, and I’d forgotten that the CDRom drive no longer works. But I’ve been able to link to my printer … and since all my regular programmes are still on the laptop, I can carry on pretty much as normal. The internet is still reasonably fast, thankfully.

In the meanwhile, DH’s new computer arrived … as ever, familiarising yourself with a new machine takes time so he’s spent a lot of time loading programmes and working out how to use Word. DH was so frustrated to realise he can’t use his old printer – perfectly reliable, but out-dated connections. Maplin and PC World told him there was no way to link it up, but I found an adapter online that may do the job, so we’ll wait and see when it comes.

The girls’ internet access has been totally unaffected of course, but they no longer have wireless access to a printer … so we’ll resort to the old-fashioned technology of a USB key for any work they need! :D