We hadn’t decided what to do with our day off this week … not good, as we then usually end up frittering time away. But DH suggested the market at Tavistock (via Tesco and a few other odd jobs) Part way there, we remembered we’d intended to go a different route next time, so I was able to cut across the moor to pick up the road from Princetown to Tavistock via Merrivale.

It was a beautiful, clear, sunny day … and the views were spectacular … you could see for miles in every direction from the high spots. And it was high … we eventually pulled off the road to take some pictures and the wind took our breath away!

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I had to recently buy a new ‘handbag’ camera, since my original (first ever) digital camera is kaput after 5 years of frequent use and over 7,500 photos … so I snapped away trying to get used to it … this is the canal at Tavistock –

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After lunch, we had a great time walking around the park using all the exercise equipment we passed on the way – my favourite was the rowing machine! :lol:

And then home to work in the garden … I came in about an hour ago, so didn’t notice it had started to rain until the girls came home from school looking like drowned rats :o :D