I’m having a ‘finishing off’ phase of various projects I’ve left lying around the spare room. I have three completed pieces of patchwork that all need backing and quilting, but they don’t take up much space (although I have just ordered a length of wadding for one of them – haven’t decided which one yet – that will need a corner until I get round to it! :blush: ).

I had a furkle under the bed and found my stash of knitting wool … real wool, Jaeger Matchmaker DK …

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I first used the wool years ago when Mum bought me some, together with a pattern, for Christmas one year. I’ve bought it ever since, whenever I can find a ball in a sale that is … it’s not cheap! It’s lovely to work with. I threw away all my patterns in a fit of cleanliness/madness a few years ago, so I’m limited in the patterns I have available. I used to make up my own, but it’s years since I’ve done any serious knitting and I’m not confident I could do it now. I have a number of balls in one colour, but also a number of odd colours … so a patchwork jumper it will be! Just keeping the theme going … watch this space! :D