Having finished a patchwork made with MIL’s stash, I realised I had three complete pieces of patchwork, all unbacked. No more patchwork until at least one of them is finished off! So, to give me some thinking time, I’ve been quilting the blue hexagons – when I started I didn’t know about basting etc, so it’s going to look more like an eiderdown than a quilt, but I’m not undoing it all now :icon_mrgreen:

I have a length of red fleece set aside for two of the patchworks, but fleece isn’t really suitable for MIL’s colours. I’ve been through the trunk where I store all my fabrics, and none of my large pieces are suitable as backing, but I did find a length of neutral MIL had used in her squares, and it’s just the right size :) I bought a length of batting online a while ago, so I’m ready to go – but how to quilt? I really don’t think my machine is capable of quilting, nor do I like the idea of manipulating/rolling the quilt. Then I came across the ‘Baptist Fan‘ method of freehand quilting … and I just had to have a go!

Posted Image

Posted Image

I don’t have the space anywhere to lay the quilt out flat to baste it, but working on my table in the spare room I was able to pin it, and have decided simply to work at the table, so no need to roll or move it anywhere. I’m working entirely freehand, no markings, and so far I’m really pleased. But it’s going to take ages … that’s fine, it’s the kind of mindless repetition I find relaxing and I can work with the radio in the background for company if I need it, although I’m often content to work in silence.

So once again the blue hexagons are set aside … I’ll finish them one day :rolleyes: