We had a phone call late on Sunday to ask if N&S might come to see us on Monday … I think they know they are always welcome! :D We hastily arranged a time (to include lunch) and threw our plans for the day out of the window. I hadn’t even begun to tidy when they arrived a little early … I’m so used to them being late :blush: DH was still out in town :lol: But they are good friends, so of course didn’t mind … in fact S simply got on with tidying the lounge for me :lol: !!

We had a lovely time … our kitchen isn’t big but S came and sat in a corner while I prepared lunch (we were talking so much I made a mistake when preparing a lemon layer pudding, but it still tasted OK! :icon_mrgreen: ) and eventually DH and N joined us … in the end I had to send them out of the kitchen so I had room to move!

We had crackers left from Christmas, so the meal had something of a party atmosphere, I had the quantities about right (for once!) and we took our time just chatting. Then it was time to walk the (very patient) dog who’d been waiting in the car (for the sake of our cats – such good friends to think of it, we’d have been happy to have the dog in the house and let the cats keep out of the way! :D )

We went across to Wembury – the light was amazing …

Posted Image

and look at this patch of gold on the water:

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We walked over the hill to the River Yealm, and the dog had a paddle. We had plenty of time for good conversation (when we had the breath – it’s steep in places!), although we had to concentrate on not slipping in the mud following the thaw. Then it was time for N&S to go on their way … we had a lovely day … after a quiet Christmas it was wonderful to have company, friends are such a blessing :)

PS – I still don’t like this new camera … I cannot find a battery that retains its charge for any length of time :angry: but I’m fairly happy with closer range pictures:

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