I’ve been building up to writing this blog entry ever since DH left on his sabbatical … with the house to myself it’s been the ideal time to work on the UFOs and WIPs in the spare room :icon_mrgreen:

WIPs and UFOs are quilting abbreviations for Work in Progress and Unfinished Objects! I learned the terms reading round a number of quilting blogs (I’ve added dozens to Feedly over the past few weeks) … goodness there are some fanatics out there! Mostly American, but also from Japan, Australia and Romania to name but a few … even one of my regular chicken bloggers (from the USA) has the quilting bug now and I never know what topic she’s going to be blogging next :D I’ve discovered a fair few Christians among them, too :)

Some of these dear ladies have rooms full of materials just waiting to be made into patchwork tops for quilts. A few have long-arm quilters, too … taking in patchwork from others to quilt in a matter of hours, for a price. If you want your top hand-quilted, then the Amish community is the place to go – their website being a convenient and profitable accommodation of the modern world :o Others spend hours quilting every square inch of fabric – everyone has their favourite activity in the whole process of making a quilt – I’ve even found one lady who prefers above all else adding the binding to a finished piece :lol:

I am so not in that league … I’ve always known I’m a Jill of all trades, master of none. I simply do not have the application and patience to spend time, energy and cash on the minute details of a craft once I can make a serviceable object :huh: So in the past I’ve learned to make lace, spent a few years doing cross stitch (both of which have UFOs in the spare room to be finished at some unknown and unplanned future date) and have an enormous collection of knitting needles having taken on both Mum and Gran’s at various stages. (I keep telling myself, ‘You only need two at a time … ‘ but they’re all still there, in the spare room cupboard :D )

I wanted to wait until I had something to show you … this is the first finished project of the sabbatical :)

Posted Image

Well, it’s still patchwork! :lol: One of my aims was to clear out some of the remaining supplies in the spare room, and I found a drawer full of (100%) wool bought at a sale several years ago. It seemed appropriate to overlap my current interests.

If you remember, I’m hand-quilting a top made with MIL’s fabrics … I’m making steady progress and am now about one third of the way across …

Posted Image

I’m not sure if you’ll be able to see the detail from the front?

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I do now have a quilting (‘walking’) foot for my sewing machine, so I may machine quilt this next top – I consider completing a ‘top’ to be a finished project, even if there are still several stages yet before it’s usable as an actual quilt – after all, I came into this hobby via patchwork, not quilting itself.

Posted Image

A practice piece with my new quilting foot …

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As for WIPs (just how many pics can we add to one post?) …

I’m adding the final edge pieces to this hand-sewn hexagon patchwork … I might even finish it tonight …

Posted Image

and I’ve started another …

Posted Image

… with rather smaller hexagons (I’ve put a couple of the ‘normal’ size alongside for you to see … the originals are 2″, these are 1 1/4″.) I need 24 of these panels for a single bed sized quilt, although I’m not yet sure if I’ll leave it quite so simple or add in a border. I keep these in a bag ready to take with me when I go out somewhere I might have to wait around (like DH’s hospital appointment on Thursday) – I call it my ‘busy bag’ :blush: I know of one lady blogger who’s working on a much more elaborate project with 3/4″ hexagons :icon_eek:

Although I’ve finished a few things, including reading ‘War and Peace’ on my Kindle (which lives in my busy bag when it’s not on my desk), there are still so many projects to be getting on with – there just aren’t enough hours in the day. I even have my next project in mind, although I’ll try not to begin it until I’ve finished at least one more complete project! I’m hoping that by the end of DH’s time away, I’ll have some projects on the go that I can do just a bit at a time … some of them hand-sewn, so I have an excuse to watch television while being productive at the same time!

So that’s what’s been keeping me busy. I’ve not had much of a spiritual content to this time, just my usual daily readings … it’s DH’s sabbatical not mine … but I’ve had a total change of activity and I’ve enjoyed it so much. Sadly he only gets a sabbatical once every ten years …

By the way, one abbreviation I’ve come across in the patchworking world is PIG – but I have as yet no idea what it can stand for?! Any suggestions? Nor can I decide when something is a WIP rather than a UFO!! :lol: