‘Are we going out to play this week?’

A few months ago, I met with a couple of other women from the church to plan a ‘worship workshop’ for the children. We met over a cup of coffee in town … and were having such a laugh together that we stayed for lunch and a cup of tea, too! :lol:

Since then, we’ve planned four more worship workshops (one a month), usually by email … but every so often, we still go out to play together for a day :D An email arrives saying ‘I can come out to play one day this week’ (from the one of us who works full time on shifts) – she’s also the one who has the best ideas – and we spend the day walking, talking and laughing. It’s such a blessing to be able to laugh with friends just as much as you want!

So yesterday, we drove up to Dartmoor to walk round Burrator – see the slideshow attached. There’s no point trying to tell you what made us laugh … I suspect when we’re together we’d laugh at anything that took our fancy. But all of us can tell a good story.

We finished where we began, at the pub – we were there for coffee at 11.30am and had lunch after 3pm :o Goodness knows why it took us so long to walk the distance we covered, but once I had my camera out both of them were able to spot a good picture :)

We’re going out again on Saturday – but this time I’m not sure I’ll be able to take any photos – we’re going tree surfing! :icon_eek: I think we’ll be too busy hanging on to chat or laugh or take photos … but I suppose we’ll make up for it over lunch at the pub afterwards :D

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