Someone  sent me a bundle of fabrics. I was expecting shards and scraps, but they sent me pieces as large as 1m long … a lady after my own heart, always buying more than she needs, ‘just in case’! :lol:

I straightened up the pieces a little and ended up with a few scraps anyway, and played with them as I’d always intended …

These are mini-quilts or coasters or ‘mug-rugs’, about 6″ x 7″ … the round one is the size of a saucer –

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They’re quite a trend in the quilting world just now … a quick way to experiment with design and colour and technique. As ever, I learned a lot simply making them (I cut my own bias binding for the first time) and I had such fun with her colours, I love the pink!

I’ve popped a couple in the post to say thank you :246: and I think I shall be making a lot more of these – perhaps to sell at next year’s clergy wives gathering alongside candles?

I stopped playing in the spare room to go and play at the South West Quilt Show. I noticed it was coming when driving past a couple of weeks ago, and DH agreed to come out for the day – I dropped him off in Exeter on the way past to go clothes shopping for Israel! :D

I’ve attached the complete album of pics – taken with my mobile phone, I’m quite impressed with the results – but here are a few I’d like to point out …

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This is the size of a piece of A4 paper, called a journal quilt. Another way of making small quilts, the designs and colours were stunning.

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Not such a good photo, but this is a mini-quilt, too. Each of the small coloured elements are exactly 1 inch square :o A great way to make a quilt without having to buy much fabric!

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This is also made with 1 inch squares, called a colour wash … you’d need a huge supply of different scraps to plan one of these, but they are beautiful.

And finally, my favourite … nothing complex, although I’m not sure I’d ever be able to do the quilting, simply an amazing use of colour –

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There were so many fabric stalls it was quite overwhelming. I didn’t buy anything until I’d been round them all, simply noting the range and price at each, then I chose one to return to and bought just one pack of fat quarters. Wasn’t I good …

Except that on the way home DH and I called in to the sewing machine centre in Exeter to take my 25 year old machine in for a service … and came home with a brand new one in it’s place! :o I thought we might … I shall still have my old machine repaired, to keep as a spare … but the simplest machine these days comes with all sorts of extras compared to my old faithful. DH was very patient with me as I looked round, and approved my final choice simply because I knew which one I would love! Bless him, he does understand :D

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