a couple, anyway …

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The squares are handsewn, but I finished them with the ‘patchwork’ stitch on my new sewing machine … I didn’t like the idea of oversewing them together and this worked well.

To speed things up, I chose to ‘tie’ this quilt to a fleece backing …

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I’m really quite pleased with the end result and the fleece makes it really cosy :)

However, I’m working on machine quilting another … it’s only freestyle machine sewn, or FMQ (free motion quilting!), nothing fancy, and I’m quite pleased with the results so far, but it’s a battle to manoeuvre the quilt sandwich around so I can get it all through the machine. Once I get used to it, I should be able to quilt a single bed sized top in an afternoon … but I have to grit my teeth to get started as I find it rather daunting!

Pics to follow :wacko:

PS – finally found the answer to the quilting abbreviation PIG … it’s projects in grocery sacks (American, obviously) … no, I definitely don’t have any of those – they’re all strewn around the spare room :lol: