Our local park has been one of the beneficiaries of a local finance project .. some £5million over 10 years as part of the New Deal scheme. So over the past few years, much of the park has been redeveloped or improved. So one find day this week, DH and I went to take a look at the more recent changes.

The gardens are looking fabulous …

Posted Image

Many of the buildings have been restored …Posted Image

The bowling pavilion

The view is much the same …

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There are still a number of details to be completed (some of the paths, for instance), and the project has now come to an end so I’m not sure that’s going to happen. It would be a huge shame if the work is not now to be finished because the financing has come to an end. There was so much money in the project it will be hard to fund-raise to the same extent, but the annual ‘fun day’ is still happening this summer, so things will keep ticking over.

At least they finished the café … and we made good use of it at the end of our walk!