I’ve had a series of hobbies over the years … once the passion is over I can’t bring myself to get rid of stuff, so I still have boxes of threads for cross stitch, and lace pillows and bobbins all stored in the spare room cupboards. Fortunately, the candle making supplies never made it upstairs so are currently taking up most of the understair cupboard.

Since I’ve been making patchwork (only seriously since MIL died and I ‘inherited’ some of her stash) I’ve lived with everything balanced on top of the spare room bed. It couldn’t last. And this week we realised we may have to have a house guest overnight on Friday … the speaker for Saturday’s training day at DC2.

You may think (and rightly) that a week is plenty of time to get a spare room organised … which in our case usually means dumping it all in our room until the visit is over. However, I’ve been aware that I needed to rearrange things, but I am away all this week, coming home only on Friday itself :o So this Friday past we finally got to grips with a rearrangement of various items … it’s funny how one thing leads to another.

I realised a while ago that one answer to the SR question was to move an armchair and a trunk into the bay window in our room … but to do that we had to remove a sofa bed that we’ve had there since moving in nine years ago. It’s been used twice – for humans to sleep on, that is … the cats use it in turns either to sleep on or as a scratching post :angry: As a result it’s not in a fit state to pass on to anyone … but how to get it down the stairs? Since DH has been ill with a gastric ulcer, lifting hasn’t really been advisable. He’s had three months notice of the need to get it moved this month (Mum comes to stay in early June!) but hasn’t gotten round to actually asking anyone :doh: In the end we decided it’s not actually that heavy, so we cleared the route and managed by ourselves … although we left a few scars on the paintwork along the way.

So far, so good. I had to empty the trunk of fabric to move it into our room as a blanket/quilt box, and it was immediately clear that I had more fabric than I have space for, and that the chair and trunk meant a complete arrangement of ironing board, laundry baskets, cloths airers and all the stuff that has ‘lived’ on the sofa for many, many months.

I played around in the spare room for a while … managed to store most fabrics by clearing out the bottom of the wardrobe (air bed, pump and four holdalls), but still needed more space. So we finally came to the conclusion that the treadle sewing machine had to go. I’d always wanted one and eventually picked one up on Freecycle, but the machine really needed to be fully restored, so I haven’t been using it. It meant, of course, that we had to move that downstairs too … and it was much heavier.

To cut an already overlong story short(ish) … DH finished his day’s work with a trip to the loft (spare duvets, airbed, cat box and ‘stuff’ up, cardboard boxes, dustsheets and a single headboard down) … I listed six items on Freecycle, including the treadle and a few items of MIL’s … we had a trip to the tip with the sofa and the oldest of the airing frames instead of our planned trip out to eat at a pub on the moor … my arm is sore … his stomach seems fine … the fabric overflow is bound for the space under the spare room bed … our bedroom has been almost totally rearranged … I have a scheme for the candle supplies under the stairs … and we still don’t know if we have a visitor on Friday!

It was supposed to be ‘a day off’ …

… and I still have a pile of cushions to find a home for :icon_mrgreen: