It’s DD2’s birthday today, she’s 15 :) She never tells you what she’d like as a present as she likes surprises … well she certainly had a few today!

Her main present from us was a Kindle … and I really wasn’t sure she’d like it. We only bought it because she had occasion to borrow mine when we were away at half term and she read all her books in the first day or two! She enjoyed using it so DH suggested we get one for her birthday. DD1 bought her a cover, but we couldn’t find one we liked in DD2’s favourite colour, purple, so had to make do with blue instead. So far, it’s a big hit! :D

I’d promised I’d make her a small quilt sometime – I had been given a very small piece of purple material and I thought it would go well with green, so planned to make a green quilt with a purple ‘pop’ (which is, I think, self-explanatory, but is a current and popular phrase in some quilting circles!) :rolleyes: However, when it came to it, I couldn’t find a set of greens I liked and came home with a purple/mauve ‘jelly roll’ instead (a selection of 2 1/2 inch strips in coordinating fabrics). I never did use the original piece of material …

I made up some blocks with the jelly roll, but when it came to putting them together I just didn’t like the result. So a small snuggly quilt became a full (single) bed sized quilt with the addition of some white sashing. It was a nightmare to quilt – and I didn’t really do a very good job (I’ve since read about a different technique which I’m rather nervous about but keen to try) but the addition of a variety of colours of quilting thread means it looks fine.

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Finding fabric for the back was interesting – I settled on a blue/green duvet cover in a charity shop. It doesn’t go at all, but I like the effect, and found that the two tone purple duvet cover I’d also bought for DD2 (in the sales at Christmas! :rolleyes: ) combined purple with turquoise … so they match perfectly – serendipity :D

DD2 was delighted with the duvet cover, and ecstatic with the quilt – hurray!! :lol:

Tea was a collection of surprises, too … treats (ie nibbles and dips etc) followed by a choice of cake, ice-cream or trifle … or all three :o

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I love it when a plan comes together!