Yesterday was our belated birthday treat for DD2’s birthday. Her friend had slept over the night before so we could leave early, but we left in the pouring rain wondering if the day would be a complete washout. We prayed as we left, and the rain slowly lifted, until although not sunny, it was at least dry when we arrived.

Llama Land is a farm in north Cornwall, just outside Truro. And we had booked a ‘Llama walk’ to take 2-3 hours … but when we arrived Tom and Julie warned us they often lose track of time, and in the end we spent nearly 4 hours with them :)

I learned more about Llamas than I thought possible in that time … both Tom & Julie know all there is to know about Llamas, no question is too hard (or too simple) for them to take the time to answer clearly and knowledgeably. Part of the day involves putting a head collar and rein on the Llamas and taking them for a walk!

DD2 and her friend had a great time … as we all did!

We learned a lot, not only about Llamas, but also about the farm, and about how the current financial crisis has affected them recently. I really appreciated their honesty as they shared with us throughout the day. Tom is a shepherd and used to have several thousand head of sheep on the farm. Julie started keeping Llamas some 10 years ago, and now Llamas are their main source of income. As we left, Tom was meeting other visitors who had come to talk about the possibility of buying some Llamas … he has recently reduced his prices by 20% because sales have fallen off so much in the past year.

If we had the space …

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