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The long gap between post 1 and post 2 in this series is how long it took me to sew all the pinwheels in between other life events … including long evenings in front of the television sewing tiny hexagons – but more about those another time!

However, having finished and trimmed the pinwheels, it took hardly any time at all to lay them out on the bed (there wasn’t actually enough room, but it’s the largest almost flat space I have available), and then to sew them, first into twos, then into fours and then into rows, before putting all the rows together. I didn’t pin at all – cut on the bias, they have enough stretch in them to ease the seams to meet as you go along. I only ironed once they were in rows … again, fanning out the seams to reduce the bulk – it doesn’t matter if it’s not very neat, you’re never going to see them again once it’s quilted (I only included photos of some tidy ones!) … you could press the seams open if you prefer. But remember, press the back, iron the front!

To finish, I stay stitched round the edge, just less than 1/4 inch from the edge (I moved my needle slightly to the right and used the 1/4 inch foot) … I don’t know how long it will be before this is quilted and I don’t want the seams to come loose in the meanwhile.

It’s been interesting keeping a photo record of the project … if a bit laborious at times (that’s why there’s no photos of the 2+2=4 stage!). I’ve found other blogs’ Process Pledge posts really helpful, but I don’t think I’ll be doing it for every project. I’ve several other ideas lined up – and have even bought the fabric for some of them! But I really should get round to quilting a few first …