I do like sharing photos of my latest projects on my blog, but here are a gazillion patchwork blogs out there in the ethernet – and I’m not going to start yet another. However, I thought you might be interested to see a pic of my latest project … it’s based on this book

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and has become a patchwork blogging phenomenon (see here, for example) – virtually every patchwork blog I read is getting involved in the project.

It’s been happening for some weeks now, but I’ve only just started – I found the whole thing rather daunting, and waiting has been a good thing as I’ve read about others’ attempts (and failures). Someone has even written a number of blog posts about constructing the blocks, and that is what finally gave me the confidence to try …

Having reassured myself I can do this (at least I can do about half the blocks in the book – I might just make a smaller quilt that the others! :lol: ), I moved on from my experimental block and started again, chose a pallet of colours … so these are ‘the real thing’ … see if you can spot the same block in the different colourway!

I don’t have enough of this fabric group to do the whole thing, but I can add others in as long as I keep to the main colour families of black, tan and red.

I know I can become rather obsessive about a hobby … I’m still at the stage with patchwork of having a number of projects on the go at once, and still more ideas in my head. But I suspect this one will jog along beside other projects for some time yet. I did wait until I’d finished the pinwheel top …

… but it still needs quilting, and I find that part of the process a bit of an effort. Mum made a hexagon top many years ago, which she’s asked me to quilt, too … and there are others under the spare room bed waiting their turn. They speak to me every time I go into the room :o

But talking of hexagons … my hand sewing (evening) project is drawing to an end, so maybe I’ll show you that one as well, eventually – I hope to finish it during the summer holidays. Let me see, that will make … um … four full sized and two mini quilts that need a back and quilting :rolleyes:

In the meanwhile, my collection of Farmers’ Wife blocks is growing by the day …  I may yet catch up with those who joined in from the beginning!