I’ve come back from holiday a little uninspired re patchwork and quilting. Nothing permanent, I just need to get going again. I’ve decided this term needs to be a ‘finishing’ term … trouble is, I don’t have a complete set of the requisite elements: besides the completed top (or flimsy), you need a) backing, b) wadding, c) binding and d) a quilting plan.

I have one top ready with backing, wadding and binding, but I can’t decide how to quilt it.

I need a quilting plan ...

I have another top with backing and a quilting plan, but I don’t have the binding or the wadding to get on with it.

I just can't decide on a binding for this one ... all suggestions welcome!

I also  have a top with wadding but no backing or binding and I don’t like it enough to have a quilting plan – it’s always been a practice piece, after my disappointing results quilting DD2’s birthday quilt.

All of these are relatively small pieces, but I also have the pinwheel top to do, I’ve almost finished another hand-pieced hexagon quilt (in a traditional ‘flower garden’ arrangement – no photos yet), and now I have an enormous hexagon flimsy that my mother finished years ago, but which she didn’t know how to back, so has recently asked me to do it!

So the simplest finish appears to be the second on this list – I just need to order some wadding (more expense!). And hope that inspiration strikes as to a quilting plan for the first. Part of the hesitation is that I wonder whether it’s actually easier to quilt on my older machine? The thought of having to switch between machines is a little overwhelming just now, but I suppose that once the inspiration takes me again, it will be no bother at all!