A couple of weeks ago DH and I were in Waterstones. He noticed a book he wanted to read on the ‘religion’ shelf, so we started browsing and came across a book by John Pritchard, ‘Going to Church – a user’s guide’

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The author begins with ten good reasons why not to go to church … describes several different styles of church service … talks about how to cope when you’re bored during the sermon or don’t like the music. And along the way, there are a few questions to help you think about your own church and your place in it. But if all that sounds worthy and possibly boring, think again – I haven’t laughed at a book so much for ever so long!

As I read, I had someone in mind that I should like to give a copy of the book, but when it came to Sunday and they weren’t there, I took the opportunity to review the book during the open sharing time we have at both churches. I’m not nervous about doing that sort of thing, but I do tend to get carried away sometimes, and I found myself offering to buy a copy for anyone who would like to read it :o :doh:

By the end of the two church services, I had 16 names on a list … and when I distributed them the following week, I had to order more! We have now given away 27 copies to the two churches and I’m so excited at the possibilities! :D Of course, it won’t have the same effect on everyone, but if even one person does some serious business with God as a result of reading it, I shall be so pleased. And if even a few begin to apply some of the insights into living as a Christian community it will transform the life of our churches for everyone :653:

I’m not saying that we don’t do things right as we are, but there is something refreshing about the book that should breath new life into worship even for those mature members who have been faithful for many years.

As it happened, several people offered to pay for their copy, but I had a donation to cover the entire cost, so their gifts have gone into the Vicar’s discretionary account. And the order for so many books really encouraged our local Christian bookshop (although I could have obtained copies cheaper online) … so we are already blessed and sharing the blessing! :lol: