Oscar is eight weeks old, with fleas and worms, and he’s rather smelly, but he’s gorgeous! :rolleyes: His mother is a petite Siamese, father unknown. His teeth are the sharpest kitten teeth I’ve ever known :doh: and he’s teething, so is chewing everything in sight. First visit to the vet tonight – for weighing and worming, then jabs and microchip next week.

So for now the cat flap remains locked so the adult cats (it’s still hard to think of Magic and Misty as adults, even at 3 years old :mellow: ) can get in but need to be let out. They have acted quite unexpectedly … I thought Misty would simply put Oscar in his place, she is usually top cat, after all. Instead, she’s hissing and running off in the opposite direction at any approach from Oscar (who is not intimidated at all as far as I can tell!) :533: Magic is fairly calm, but very watchful, keeping his distance. They have come nose to nose from time to time, without any fuss, but if Oscar runs after Magic, presumably to play, Magic swipes him back. Jenny is neurotic in any case, but has taken the least notice of the kitten – who can read the mind of a feline?

At the moment, Oscar eats, plays and sleeps – not necessarily in that order. He loves company, and hates to be alone – at the moment, he’s in his own room at night, so the others can use the cat flap as they choose and so that we all get some sleep. His Siamese howl can be heard throughout the house however, at least until he goes to sleep.

We weren’t sure we were doing the right thing in giving Oscar a home – I’m still not! But whatever happens as a result is going to be anything but boring :lol:

Just while I’ve been writing this entry, he’s climbed up my trousers, tried to suckle my ear by sitting on my shoulder and knocked my mobile phone off my desk … :blink: