Oscar has been with us five weeks now and is 13 weeks old. He’s been wormed twice, defleaed four times (and I haven’t won yet!) and to the vet three times. He’s had three injections, two tablets and two lots of drops on the neck for fleas. He’s played with several different toys, including at least 12 different table tennis type balls, but his favourite is any old screwed up piece of paper. He’s tormented our other three cats, won over one, and alienated one, leaving one still to form a proper judgement. And he’s been trodden on probably four times – by all four of us, that’s 16 times in five weeks!

He still won’t … go outdoors* … leave Jenny cat alone … leave me alone when I’m at my desk … behave at meal times (so is usually put out of the room to go and find some other mischief – but is often successful at that!).

While last night was his first night of freedom, rather than being shut in (to allow the other cats free access to the cat flap*). With mixed results … there were three fights on our bed with the other cats and one cat – Magic – fled the bedroom and didn’t return all night!

But by morning, Oscar reined supreme in the bedroom, and I woke up to find DH holding my hand with Oscar drapped across our linked hands asleep, probably exhausted … too cute!

* I’m happy for him to venture out into the garden now, so we’re leaving the cat flap unlocked for him to find his way out. Only, he won’t go! I leave the back door open when I’m in the kitchen and Oscar just sits on the door mat looking out without showing any intention of going out to explore …