Knitting socks It may have been last year, or even the year before, that I bought a ball of wool and a pattern for knitting socks. They sat in a bag in the spare room until February half term, when I decided I would finally master the art of knitting socks!


I learned to knit in my teens. Having been shown several times as a younger child by my mother and grandmother with little success, I was rather surprised to find it so easy and quickly advanced to knitting quite complex patterns with some ease and speed. Eventually I moved on to other needle crafts and skills, but have always enjoyed knitting from time to time. And just now, socks are in fashion :)

But what tipped the scales was finding an old knitting instruction book of MILs with some very straightforward instructions for socks. So out came the wool and the ‘dpns’ (double pointed needles) and with time to spare on holiday I set to learning the necessary skills. I’ve since knitted that original ball of wool three or four times over, each time using a new technique or method, to see which I preferred. I’ve knitted top-down and I’ve knitted toe-up and each has their advantages, but the deciding factor is that knitting from the toe up means you can try them on as you go and you never have to run short of wool!

For those in the know, I use Judy’s cast on with two circular needles for the toe and for the heel shaping, but I prefer to knit on four or five needles for the length.

Although I had a stock of needles, I have inevitably bought more! And I’ve settled on a far smaller needle than I started with, using 2.25mm needles for 4ply wool. If I knit knee highs, there is little left over from a 100g ball of wool, but if I knit ankle socks, then there’s enough wool to knit some wrist warmers/fingerless mittens to match!

Fortunately DD2 has feet much the same size, so I’ve already made her a pair. DD1 isn’t really interested in socks, but would love some wrist warmers … long ones. I’ve yet to build up courage to measure up DH for a pair, but that’s the next stage – adapting my familiar pattern to different sizes. There is so much information out there on the ‘net, but being sure of your size as you knit is key to any pattern.

I’m sure there’s more to learn, but I am content. I know that I tend to learn a skill and use it for a while before drifting on to something new, but this new ‘passion’ (as DH describes it) will keep me going for a while yet …

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I’m wearing these today!

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There’s a complete pair of these now, in DD2’s favourite colour – hidden away for Easter!

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But she’s wearing these – I had to have something else to do when she was in the room!