The theory about moving half term back a week to begin with the Diamond Jubilee was all very well, but in the event the weather didn’t favour the practice :( It wasn’t only wet, but windy … beginning on the Sunday for the Thames flotilla … which was magnificent, but at 84 years old, far too much for the Queen, let alone the Duke of Edinburgh. While we enjoyed it from our cosy front room, she stood for four hours as it began to rain and then pour. It was a spectacle, yes, but it still made me rather sad.

Anyway, that’s how all our Jubilee celebrations were – second hand on television! Neither church had sufficient people around to put on an event of our own … too many people away on half term – if only they’d left it where it should have been! :rolleyes: We heard the service at St Paul’s on the radio on the way to visit Mum, but otherwise we were glued to the set for the flotilla, the concert and the carriage procession. We did enjoy the village fireworks at the end of the concert, but only because we could see them from our front window :blush:

The rain was something more of a burden than usual, since we’d arranged for the windows to be replaced … the work went ahead on schedule with little difficulty (and no mess – I was really impressed), but it meant we had to go out on a day we would have preferred to camp out at home in the warm and dry. We had a good time in Exeter though … with some shoe shopping (girls) and various bits, and a good meal at the Harvester by the river. We decided to walk it off during a dry patch, up one side of the river, over the bridge and back by the canal, but we’d not gone far when I turned my ankle and landed on one knee :doh: I walked on, fending off DH and DD2’s excessive concerns (and ignoring DD1s total lack of interest!) and we had a lovely time … but once I’d driven home, my ankle seized up and I spent the rest of the day and most of the next on the sofa :sigh:

It was sufficiently better to attempt a trip to Taunton on Friday … having spent Thursday camped out in the rooms with the new windows already in place while the work continued elsewhere. But although the rain had stopped (temporarily, as it turned out) it still had it’s effects on us as the motorway was packed with people returning early from their holidays :( What should have been a relatively short journey took some time, and a good deal of effort. And we had jobs to do in the town so our time was limited. But we took the opportunity to explore the museum, and find a good lunch … all in all a good day. Except that the journey home was once again affected by sheer weight of traffic, this time heading for the north Devon link road and the delights of Minehead! It was astonishing just how much traffic turned off onto the A361 and from thereafter, our journey was much easier.

Ho hum – our summer holiday doesn’t look like being any more restful …

A few pics …

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