It’s easier to list the sports I don’t enjoy watching … and even then, I might tune in for a seriously major contest … but generally I don’t watch rugby (either code), horse racing (flat or jumps), dog racing or boxing. I don’t watch darts, either, but I don’t call that a sport, much as I consider snooker a game rather than a sport.


So I love this time of year … tennis followed by Le Tour de France (which is probably right at the top of the list of sports I really enjoy watching) … but this particular year we also have the Euros (and I’ve watched almost every match) and we’re building up to the Olympics. And we’ve been busy – so I’ve been careful to carve out some time each day to rest and watch …. only now Le Tour has started, and there’s coverage from 2pm every day:sigh: I just can’t do it all.

Such mixed emotions …