I haven’t blogged much for a while …  and I miss it. I’m not sure why … because I’m never short of something to say! Perhaps it’s because I’m not sure that anything I have to say is of any interest to anyone else?

Nor do I have anything specific to say now! But I’m sitting quietly listening to DH practice some piano pieces – he promised DD1 a long time ago that if ever she took grade 8 he’d do it with her … and that time has come! I love to hear him play, and it’s especially nice to hear so many new pieces in a short space of time. For years we have listened to DD1’s pieces over and over again … and DH himself has a fairly limited repertoire – more because of lack of time than of interest. But now he has something to work on … and it’s proving a major distraction! Although, tbh, we’ve been so busy for so long, it’s a good thing.

I’d have more to say if I shared the story of our hens with you … but I have another blog for that, and I suspect you would become quite bored  if you don’t share our interest :) Just one observation then … we recently rescued some Barn Hens. I once used to buy Barn Eggs as being cheaper than Free Range but a more responsible purchase than eggs from caged birds … but these birds have convinced me that intensively farmed chickens suffer just as much as caged birds … yes, their legs are stronger, but that’s about all the advantages I have seen.

I haven’t actually bought any eggs for nearly three years, and bought Free Range before that for many years … but it makes me sad to think that I was complicit in supporting the industry at all. I suppose many would make the same claims for chickens bred for meat … at least their suffering is of much shorter duration. I know that’s not good enough. I hope I do what I can (most of our chicken meat comes from the Co-op) but I wish I could do more.

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That’s it for now … but I’ll work on it :)