The last day of the holidays and the weather was good … so we took a picnic and headed up on to the moor. We were aiming for the old clay pit railway, which wends its way across the moor mostly on the level (for my sake!). But DH decided that rather than starting at the beginning just above Ivybridge, we should cut across the moor from Harford … so I didn’t avoid the effort of walking uphill after all.

We found the car park at the end of a green lane right on the moor … DH had to get out of the car to open the gate. I don’t think I’ve ever used a car park with a gate before! We followed a bridle path up to the railway, but although the weather was dry today, it had rained heavily yesterday and the ground was sodden … so although the path was very muddy in places, and it often felt like you were sinking, we stayed carefully on the path to avoid any boggy ground.

The views were spectacular …

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Once we were on the railway, we met a couple of people … it’s a well used route across the moor, but generally we had the place to ourselves until we met the cattle. And there were sheep too of course, up on the hills, wherever you looked. Loads of insect life, butterflies, dragonflies and beetles. And birds … swallows, skylarks and others.

The forecast had said that it would rain later, and we weren’t particularly well equipped, so once we’d stopped to eat, we turned back as it had clouded over and the temperature had dropped a degree or two.

We were home by early afternoon … so we’d had a successful family day out and the girls still had time to do their thing with their screens! Perfect!