… has begun. And a week in, we’re suffering from the dust. It’s everywhere … I’m sneezing, DD2 is sniffing, DH is coughing … it’s grim. But it’s worth it … or it will be.

All packed and ready to go …


They’ve achieved so much already, and are working hard, 8am – 6pm every day, Monday – Friday, and indeed they are here again today, Saturday, although they gave us time for a lie in. Or perhaps their wives complained?!

In any case, we can see progress … the fireplace is gone and bricked up, the door is filled in, the wiring is done (what a palaver that was!), the damp proof layer is down, the dividing wall is gone and the new aperture complete . There have been a few issues … the absurd wiring scheme where bits had been added over the years, and the lead piping in the outdoor water supply … and a lot more rubbish to dispose of than expected. But there have been a few perks, too … some bricks to provide some rough paving in the Hen Garden.

One week down, two weeks to go … I trust!