While we were away this summer, we had friends staying in the house. They managed to make friends with three of the cats, but Jenny was less than impressed. I’m actually surprised they saw much of Oscar … he has another home (though I know they don’t feed him, else he’d probably leave altogether). Once we came home, we noticed a change, not only in the pecking order (which happens from time to time) but in their need of company. So for the past few nights, we’ve had all four cats arranged around the bedroom at night … and during the day.

Actually, what I suspect is happening, is that they consider the bed theirs, and only allow us to claim it at night out of some kind of loyalty …

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As you can see, there are still some territorial disputes!  Possession of the sock basket is hotly contested by Misty and Oscar … and current possession is no guarantee of success. It’s rather like watching a feline version of ‘I’m the King of the Castle’ :lol:

Jenny generally prefers DH and DH’s side of the bed, but at night will often sleep on top of the trunk by the window. If Oscar fails to win the battle of the sock basket, he usually snuggles up to me. If Misty loses, she sleeps on the end of the bed … too heavy and too hot to cuddle all night!

Magic isn’t a cuddly cat, though he likes to settle on a lap from time to time. So he either sleeps on the window sill, or sometimes under the bed – I only know he’s there if I’m awake enough to hear him getting comfortable, or if he finds a scrap of paper or a shoe lace to play with.

I included the picture of Magic with DD1 since it’s hard to get a photo in which you can actually see his features, his fine nose and whiskers. If he closes his eyes, it’s rather like he disappears. It’s really quite unnerving at times.

Misty snores :o